Chris- Just got back from my first real ride on my new bike »

(I went out on Friday and got caught in a deluge - the tires grip well...); and without trying to set a record, broke my best time by 2:30 minutes coming in at 43 minutes versus my previous record of 45:35 for a ten mile ride. The bike's fantastic. A full 10 lbs lighter than my Falcon, rides as well if not better over bumpy terrain, very quick, very responsive yet more stable on the downhill runs. The bike certainly exceeded any expectations...


Chris, I rode the bike you built me last year on a big trip in Colorado; »

the pictures are at here. It performed great; we had some long days in the saddle, and I didn't have all the little aches and stiffnesses that I've had in the past. I felt more stable on the descents, too, although I'm still a big fraidy-cat and spend a lot of time riding the brakes. Mechanically, everything worked fine, too. If you want to use any of my bike...


Female stock frames have never fit me right; »

I have much longer legs compared to my short arms, kind of like a T-rex. My good friend Chris Bishop started frame building in Baltimore and I was lucky enough be his first customer, and it was then I realized that riding a bike can feel like riding a cloud. A few years later I commissioned him for a second bike, the beautiful fixed gear pictured here. I ride this bike because it fits me like a glove, it rides like a dream, and the attention...


It's hard to believe, but the bike rides better than it looks. »

As promised, it is fast and eats up hills. The fork makes easy work of the streets of Baltimore. I couldn't be happier. I just need to resist the urge to make it my daily commuter. Thanks for your brilliant work.


Thank you Chris for the fantastic job! »

It is everything i've hoped for and more... you've been great to work with; patient, understanding and informative through out the entire project... i would recommend you to anyone who wish to purchase a custom frame. Keep up the good work.

  • Cheers,
  • Eric