Female stock frames have never fit me right;

I have much longer legs compared to my short arms, kind of like a T-rex. My good friend Chris Bishop started frame building in Baltimore and I was lucky enough be his first customer, and it was then I realized that riding a bike can feel like riding a cloud. A few years later I commissioned him for a second bike, the beautiful fixed gear pictured here. I ride this bike because it fits me like a glove, it rides like a dream, and the attention Chris put into every meticulous detail is unparalleled. Every bit of this bike is exquisite, complementary, built with a passion and love for cycling, and built with me in mind. This bike and I have seen so much of Europe together, it is a serious show stopper, and damn do I get a lot of jaw dropping stares when I ride it (not me, the bike!). This bike is an extension of myself to the point where I almost find walking annoying... I consider it my most prized possession. I dont know if it is possible to love an inanimate object like a friend or family, but if it is...that is how much I love this bike.