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I prefer to talk to clients via email or phone before a nonrefundable deposit is placed, so we can discuss the project and make sure we are a good match. If a deposit is made, we will set up a meeting where I can take your measurements and fit you on the size cycle, we can talk extensively about what kind of riding you will be doing and other aspects of the bike, and if possible, even go for a ride. If you don’t live near me or can’t visit my shop, then I will find a size specialist in your area for the fitting (if you don’t already have one in mind).

Customers vary in their desire to be part of the project. I welcome both those who want to be involved and those who would like to leave more of the decisions to me.

After I have your measurements, I will build the bike and then send it to paint.

Bishop Bikes offers premium wet paint finishes from a variety of painters and paint shops. The bike prices include a single color paint job with secondary color for logos. However, the sky is the limit regarding paint and I can offer estimates for more complicated paint jobs.

After paint is complete, I apply the head badge and frame saver. Afterward, I build the bike up, if desired.

I always prefer to see my frames leave the shop as complete bicycles, assembled and finished. If you decide to build your bike with new components, Bishop Bikes offers a wide range of options. In addition to competitive prices, you’ll have the added benefit of the insights we’ve gained during the fitting process. If you already own components, I’ll be happy to incorporate them into the build.

When the bike is finished, I can ship it to you or you can pick it up.

Make a Deposit (nonrefundable)